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Who attends the program at ACCRV?

Adult Care Center of Roanoke Valley (ACCRV) is an excellent alternative for dependent adults who are unable to stay at home alone or need socialization and motivation during the day. Work schedules and other family responsibilities often make it impossible for caregivers to stay at home and provide necessary care. Our program can delay the transition to a long term care facility for individuals who may have disabilities that require professional care and supervision. Caregivers who work are allowed the opportunity to fulfill their responsibilities to their employers and not worry about leaving their family member at home unattended.

Caregivers who are not employed outside of the home are provided needed respite from the rigors of providing 24 hour per day care. The participants who attend the center vary in age, physical, mental and social needs. Services are provided to adults, 21 years of age or over, with most of our participants at age 65 or over. Activities are adapted to meet individual needs and abilities.

Where is ACCRV located and what are the hours?

ACCRV is located at 2321 Roanoke Boulevard in Salem, Virginia.
The Center's hours are, Monday thru Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Administrative Offices Phone: (540) 981-2350  |  Fax: (540) 981-2353

How many days per week may someone attend the program?

Our participants are enrolled for a minimum of two days per week or a maximum of five days per week.

What is the admissions process?

Requests regarding enrollment and applications can be made by visiting, calling or emailing us. Participants should be:

  • Able to communicate some needs
  • Able to follow simple directions
  • Able to assist with transfers
  • Under the care of a physician

Prior to enrollment, a visit to the program by the applicant and a family member should be made. Upon deciding to enroll, the applicant and family member or other responsible person must have at least one assessment interview with the ACCRV staff. The signed application and complete medical report need to be received before the participant can be enrolled in the program. A current Tuberculosis Screening certification is also required. At enrollment a copy of the program policies including a copy of participant's rights shall be given to and discussed with the applicant and family member. Financial arrangements shall be agreed upon when the application is signed and received.

What is the cost of attending ACCRV?

  • Private pay rate - $77.00/day. Generous scholarships are available.
  • Medicaid participants must meet criteria for long-term nursing home care to be eligible for a community-based waiver for day care services. Participant must be pre-screened (UAI) and meet Medicaid guidelines financially.
  • Veterans Administration Benefits - A veteran who is eligible for services at the VAMC and meets the criteria for adult day care services can be eligible for full coverage, bathing and transportation.
  • Long-Term Health Care Insurance - Some long-term health care policies cover a partial payment to the individual to assist with the daily costs. Each policy is different; so, coverage is determined by the individual policy.
  • Scholarships - The ACCRV has a scholarship program with the Local Office on Aging (LOA) to assist persons, who meet financial guidelines, to assist with the daily costs.
  • Title XX - Federal money is at times available through the Roanoke Office on Aging to certain persons who do not meet Medicaid criteria, but need financial assistance to attend adult day care.
  • Bathing costs - one per week for Medicaid recipients and $24 per bath for private pay.

Is ACCRV accredited?

Yes, we are accredited. We have several government and private agencies who inspect our Center on a frequent basis for regulatory compliance:

  • Virginia Department of Social Services
  • U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Local Office on Aging (LOA)
  • Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • City of Salem Department of Health
  • City of Salem Fire Marshal

What is the history of ACCRV?

The Need...

In 1983, a group of Kiwanis Club members  LOA members and the Salvation Army recognized a need for elder care that allowed the family unit to be preserved. The result of their efforts was creation of  the first adult medical daycare facility in the State of Virginia.

The Solution...

An adult care center that would allow the families to leave their loved one in a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment during the day. In the evening, they could both return home. The family could remain together, at home, just as they would like it to be.

The first Adult Care Center of Roanoke Valley was established in a Salvation Army Building. Later the agency moved to a church location on Williamson Roa, and then to space made available by the Veterans Administration hospital in Salem.

ACCRV has now been in operation for 40 years in the Roanoke region. On the second Tuesday of the month beginning at 1:30 p.m., we provide a monthly caregiver support group at ACCRV in collaboration with The Alzheimer's Association. In addition, the Center is licensed by the Virginia Deptartment of Social Services and maintains contracts with the Veterans Administration, LOA and Medicaid.

Adult Care Center of Roanoke Valley, Inc. is a convenient and cost-effective option for families in need of assistance and care relief. It offers an opportunity for your loved one to participate in programs that are rewarding, motivating and educational. The program allows caregivers to fulfill work obligations, pursue personal interests and maintain social engagements.

How can I find out more about ACCRV?

Contact information for the ACCRV staff is available on the "Contact Us" page of this website. You can visit that page by clicking here