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To help with the day-to-day operations of the centers you can:

  • Make a monetary tax-deductible contribution in honor of a loved one or simply as support of our mission.
  • Volunteer (individuals, clubs, and groups are all welcome!)
  • KROGER and AMAZON are resources for matching donations. Please see below for info on Kroger's Community Rewards program
  • Remember, there is a PayPal fee charged to us for every donation. Please consider adding enough to cover the extra 2% PayPal Fee.

Keep Your Family Doctor!



Adult Care Center of Roanoke Valley is a safe and meaningful program committed to providing participants with quality, compassionate and motivating daytime care for dependent adults while providing family support and an alternative to long-term care.

Quality Adult Day Care addresses a spectrum of human needs, including physical, medical and mental dimensions of care.

Where is ACCRV located and What are the hours?

ACCRV is located at 2321 Roanoke Boulevard Salem, Virginia.

The Center's hours are, Monday thru Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Administrative Offices Phone: (540) 981-2350 | Fax: (540) 981-2353


We offer a structured program, which is a vital part of the participant's day. Just a few of the engaging opportunities that await those who arrive each day include:

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